Teen mom

Being a teen mom sucked for more than obvious reason, besides not being to hang out, go places, drop out of school, shitty job, post partum depression, lonely, poor, no child support, looked at with shame, criticism, lose friends ect..
But what’s getting to me now is that I did it at 17, while my fiends went out and had fun.. Now my daughter is 14, I can go out, I can have people over after she sleeps while still setting a good example, I can go to the store without a toddler in tow, screaming for everything they see.. But no one else can. They once were childless and didn’t understand I couldn’t chill, sitters cost money ect.. Now they have young children. Now they all can bond together and have kid trips and play dates. Shit no 14 yr old wants to be a part of plus the fact she is acting like a teen so it’s such a big deal.
What the fuck


I really fuckin’ sucks how hard I worked for almost a month and lost like 4 lbs.. For real, I’m such a fat ass, I should be dropping pounds left and right for minor effort!
No, no, no.. After circuit training daily, a 500cal workout and walkin’ 2mil a night and not really drinking, it amounted to shit.. So I started drinking nightly again, my weight didn’t change – doomed to be forever fat!! I still walk a lot, but ran out of money to food shop, so ppl come home with fast food.. Hoor-fuckin’-ray! I get to eat like 1500 calories in a sitting and be hungry an hour later!
What the fuck!!

I fuckin’ fail no matter what!